Moving for study

Are you starting study and looking for accommodation?

If you’re starting study you may need to think about where you’re going to live, especially if you're moving to another town.

If you’re under 20 and leaving home for the first time, a student hostel can be a good option. If you decide to go flatting, it’s good to start looking early. Rental accommodation is in high demand in most university cities.

Where to look

Word of mouth is a good way to find your first flat. Landlords often prefer referrals from an existing tenant.

Your university’s accommodation services can help you with accommodation and advice. The Student Rent website can help you find flats or flatmates.

Help with costs

If you need help with your accommodation costs, you may be able to get extra financial help through StudyLink. StudyLink helps with Accommodation Benefit, a weekly payment that is paid as part of your Student Allowance. You don't have to pay this back.