Leaving public housing

Are you leaving public housing?

You might be ready to move out of public housing for several reasons. For example:

  • a new job and a better income
  • a change in your family situation
  • your children have left home and you have more room than you need
  • your house may no longer meet your needs because of a medical reason or disability
  • you and your new partner want to set up home together
  • a tenancy review.

Looking for somewhere to live

It may take time to get to know what housing options are available in your price range. A Housing Options seminar will help you with your choices.

You can find more information to help with your housing search in the housing options section of this website.

Financial assistance

Work and Income, Senior Services or StudyLink may be able to help you with financial assistance to move.

Getting ready to move

Check your tenancy agreement to find out how much notice you have to give your public housing provider.

Make sure you leave the property in a reasonable condition, with your payments up to date, Then, once you've had a property inspection, you'll probably be more likely to get a refund of your full bond from Tenancy Services.

If you're still going to be renting you can use the bond money to pay the bond at your next place.