Finding somewhere cheaper

Living in a nearby area might be cheaper for you.

Some areas are cheaper than others – even areas that are close by. It’s a good idea to check the market rent in the areas near you. Market rent is how much most people are paying for similar rental properties in each area.

However, remember to add in all the costs of living in another area. If you have to pay more to travel to work or school, it might not be cheaper in the long term.

You can compare rent in different areas on the MBIE website. This can help if you’re thinking about moving to a different place you don’t know very well.

If you're of working age, you need to make sure the area you move to has employment available. Moving to a low-employment area may affect any financial assistance you receive from Work and Income or StudyLink.

Council housing

Councils provide cheaper housing for certain groups of people.

Affordable community housing

In some places community housing organisations offer affordable housing for families or people with particular needs.

Some of these organisations are registered social housing providers. In that case, you’ll need to apply for social housing.

Other community housing organisations may have vacancies you can apply for even if you're not on the register for social housing.

You can find out more about community housing providers in your area from Community Housing Aotearoa or The New Zealand Housing Foundation.