Budgeting advice

Are you worried about money and often have no money to pay the bills?

Start a budget

It might be time to start a budget. A budget helps you see how much money you have, what you spend it on and how you can make it go further.

The Sorted website can help you work out a budget to manage your costs now and in the long term. One good tip is to pay off debt as soon as you can so the interest you pay is not taking your money.

Cutting costs

It’s worth having a look to see if your regular bills could be less.

To compare power costs, use the calculator on the powerswitch website – it’ll help to know the name of your power company, the plan you’re on and your average usage. You can get all of this from your latest power bill.

The Kiwi Money Saver site has lots of tips for saving money on power usage. 

Also, check your phone company’s prices against the deals others are offering. It’s worth shopping around.