Being a good neighbour

Good neighbours are an important part of living in a community

A good neighbour is:

  • considerate and respects people’s rights and privacy
  • tolerant and understands that people have different ways of doing things
  • concerned when something is wrong and does something about it
  • responsible for the actions of their families, guests and pets
  • law abiding and reports illegal activity to the Police.

As a neighbour you can help by:

  • keeping the noise at your place down to a reasonable level
  • being tolerant of neighbours’ children playing outside
  • keeping shared driveways clear
  • keeping your section tidy
  • keeping an eye on neighbours’ properties
  • talking things over when there are problems, listening and trying to come to an agreement that works for everyone. Most problems can be solved by talking about them.

If none of this works, start writing down the details of the problem, including what happens and when it happens. This can help make it clear what’s going on. Your notes will also be useful if you need to take the matter further.

If you can’t sort out the problem, you should go to the proper authorities.

  • If you have problems with loud noise, call the Noise Control Office at your local council.
  • Illegal activity should be reported to the Police.
  • If you have problems with dogs, call the Animal Control Office at your local council.
  • If you think someone is in physical danger, particularly children, you should call the Police immediately.