Other suppliers of emergency accommodation

This page sets out information for suppliers of temporary accommodation for MSD’s clients where the client’s costs for accommodation are being paid by an Emergency Housing Special Needs Grant. This accommodation may include hostels and motels.

When clients are unable to find temporary accommodation themselves or there are no Ministry of Social Development contracted emergency housing places available, the Ministry will pay for client’s accommodation for up to seven days using the Emergency Housing Special Needs Grant.

Emergency housing supplier factsheet

Useful information to know if you are providing accommodation suitable for emergency housing.

Claiming costs for damage or loss

If you have requested a security deposit for a client who had stayed at your accommodation and the client has agreed to the costs for damage or loss, you will need to invoice MSD up to the amount of the security deposit approved. You can also do this if the client has caused damage or loss and has failed to check out.

You need to provide the Declaration for damage or loss along with your invoice to your local service center. The amount charged must be actual and reasonable costs and you may be required to provide proof of these. In the Declaration for damage or loss, you will need to confirm the client has agreed to the costs, or didn’t check out, before we’ll pay your invoice.

Declaration for damage or loss

Refunding money to MSD

If you need to refund any money that MSD has paid you on the client’s behalf you can do this the following ways:

Pay by direct credit

Account name: MSD ROBOC 3

Westpac account: 03-0049-0006243-25

When making a payment by direct credit, you need to:

In the particulars field: Client surname then initials

In the Reference field: Clients 9 digit SWN number (without the dashes)

If you are refunding multiple refunds in one payment. Please attach a schedule and email this to Crown_Revenue@msd.govt.nz

The schedule is required to include:

  • Breakdown of refunds
  • Client surname and initials
  • Clients 9 digit SWN number

In the email, please also quote the day the bulk payment was made and total amount paid.

Send a cheque

Crown Revenue and Reconciliation (Finance) Lower Hutt

P.O. Box 31344, Lower Hutt 5040

You will need to include the client’s full name, MSD client number and your contact details.