Renting advice

When you rent a home, someone else owns the house and you pay a set amount to live in it. You also pay for the services you use, like power and the phone.

You'll have a tenancy agreement with the landlord of the house. You'll be expected to pay your rent on time, keep the place clean and tidy, and follow any other rules set down in the agreement.

The landlord has to make sure your home is in reasonable condition and do any big repairs quickly, especially if they affect you and your family’s health and safety.

Finding a place to rent

It can take time to find a place to live. Here you'll find information about where to find a place, and  links to websites where you can search for properties.

Becoming a tenant

Information about searching for a house, preparing for a meeting with a landlord, personal presentation and challenges such as trying to rent somewhere with a pet.

Tenancy agreements

Information and advice about tenancy agreements.

You and your landlord

Knowing your rights and responsibilities, and those of your landlord, can help with problem-free renting.

Help with housing costs

Information about financial products and services to help with housing costs.