Help with housing costs

If you’re having trouble paying rent or other expenses you might be able to get financial help.

There are several types of financial help available through Work and Income, Senior Services, and StudyLink and for people on low incomes, whether you’re a beneficiary or not.

Finding an affordable area to live

The cost of renting a home depends on where you live. Some areas are more affordable than others.

Rent and bond

When you first enter a tenancy agreement, you’ll need to pay a bond (up to four weeks rent) and a maximum of two weeks rent in advance. The bond will be held by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

You may be able to get some help to pay your rent in advance and bond from Work and Income, Senior Services or StudyLink. You’ll have to pay the money back but you can do it in instalments.

Accommodation Supplement

This is a payment to help people with rent, board or the cost of owning a home. It is not available to tenants in social housing or their partners.

Help with one-off costs

If you’re getting a benefit or pension and have an immediate, essential need, you may be able to get an advance payment of your benefit. Generally, the supplier will be paid for the goods or services you need. You’ll need to pay the money back, but you may be able to do this in instalments.

If you’re not receiving a benefit or pension you may still be able to get a payment to help with some household costs. This assistance is subject to an income and asset test. You’ll need to pay the money back.