Help to buy

If you decide to buy your own home, you might be able to get some help.

The advantages of owning your home

Owning your own home can give you and your family stability and security. You make the decisions about how your house will look and what changes you make.

Extra responsibilities

There are extra costs in owning a home. You’ll need to pay council rates and for repairs to the property. Most mortgage lenders ask you to take out house insurance.

Moving from a home you own can be more difficult than simply handing in notice to a landlord – especially when you sell the house.   

Help for first home buyers

Welcome Home Loan

If you can afford regular mortgage payments, but only have a 10 per cent deposit, you may be able to get a Welcome Home Loan through a range of lenders.


KiwiSaver can help members into a first home by subsidising your deposit subsidy or allowing savings to be withdrawn.


If you can afford regular mortgage repayments, but have difficulty saving for a deposit, a FirstHome grant provides 10 per cent of the purchase price (up to $20,000) to buy a house being sold by Housing New Zealand.

Kāinga Whenua loans

If you are Māori, you might be able to get a loan to build, buy or relocate a home on multiple-owned ancestral land. You need to have a right to build on multiple-owned land.

Tenant home ownership

Tenant home ownership gives existing Housing New Zealand tenants the option to buy the home they’re in, if it's made available for purchase.

For more about these home ownership services:

  • freephone 0508 935 266
  • freefax 0800 201 202.

Rent to buy

Rent to buy is a way for people who can’t save a deposit to buy their own home.

If you’re thinking about a rent-to-buy scheme, consult an independent lawyer before you sign anything. Make sure all the details of the deal are clear and in writing.