Do you urgently need somewhere to stay?

If you urgently need somewhere to stay in the next seven days please talk with us.

We can help you

Call 0800 559 009 or come into your nearest Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Service Centre. 

We’ll talk with you to understand your situation and how we can help. This could include other options such as:

  • staying with family or friends
  • help if you’re behind in your rent
  • help if you need rent and bond for a new property
  • help with moving and travel costs to shift to another suitable place
  • negotiating with landlords
  • accommodation options you can afford.

If emergency housing is the only option you have right now, we’ll help you to find emergency housing accommodation.

What help will you get?

If you need help we may be able to refer you to an MSD emergency housing place for up to 12 weeks while you find longer term accommodation. 

During that time we can work with you and the emergency housing provider to help you plan your move to longer-term housing.

When in an MSD emergency housing place you’ll pay no more than 25% of your income for rent. If you’re on a benefit, this amount will be redirected from your payments.

Help with emergency housing costs (Special Needs Grant)

If there aren’t any places available with emergency housing providers, you may be able to stay in other temporary accommodation such as a hostel or motel, for a few days until a longer-term option is available.

If you’ve tried everything you can to find somewhere else to stay, you won’t need to pay for this accommodation. We’ll pay it direct to the emergency housing provider. You won’t need to pay this money back. In most cases, we’ll cover the full cost of your stay for up to seven days, or longer in some circumstances (for up to seven days at a time).

The amount paid will depend on your household situation and the type of accommodation you go into.

Need help outside of working hours?

Our phone line (0800 559 009) is open from 8am to 6pm on weekdays, and 8am to 12pm (midday) on Saturday. If you need help outside these hours, you can go straight to an emergency housing provider in your area.  

Find out more about emergency housing:

  • Work and Income on 0800 559 009
  • Senior Services        0800 552 002